Get Your Ford Ready for the Holiday Season

At this busy time of year, it's more important than ever for your vehicle to start and run reliably. Delivering cookies to friends, traveling from store to store buying gifts, attending celebrations, visiting relatives, and getting those last-minute grocery items can all take a toll on your car, leaving it struggling to keep up with the demands of the holiday season. If your climate experiences harsh winter weather, that's another challenge for your car to overcome, especially on frosty mornings.

If your battery is a few years old, it may struggle to keep up with the demands from a cold engine when temperatures drop to zero. Mechanics can perform a test to see how well your battery holds its charge. Sometimes all that's needed for an older battery is to clean any corrosion from the terminals. Refurbishing or replacing it before it fails ensures you won't be left stranded unexpectedly.

If a road trip to visit relatives is part of your holiday plans, you'll want to make sure your tires are sufficient for the journey, especially if snow is in the forecast. While all-season tires can traverse most weather admirably, winter tires designed specifically for low temperatures and thick snow will be the best way to ensure grip when the weather gets icy. It's never too late in the season to put winter tires on your car, and you'll be especially glad you did when the flakes start to fall.

Keep your vehicle in top holiday shape with a visit to our Ford service specialists at Tri-County Ford in Buckner, KY. Whether you need a battery inspection or replacement, a tune-up, winter tires or any other service for your vehicle, we've got the experience and know-how to do the work quickly and competently. We always use Ford-approved parts and engine fluids so you know your vehicle is receiving exactly the care the manufacturer recommends. Contact us to make an appointment and enjoy the peace of mind knowing your car will be ready for whatever holiday activities you've got planned around the Louisville, KY area.

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